Le Jean Bart


Conditions de réservation:

  • A deposit of 30% of the estimate for all group meal bookings will be requested. The booking will only be confirmed after receipt of deposit.
  • A deposit of 30% will be requested for all advance group bookings to the site, outside of normal opening times. The booking will only be confirmed after receipt of deposit.
  • Groups wishing to visit Espace Tourville on a guided visit between May and October, are advised to reserve several months in advance. For logistical and security reasons we limit the number of visitors at one time on guided visits. Espace Tourville can not guarantee the availability of time slots.
  • Groups wishing to dine at the Taverne du Jean Bart are advised to reserve several months in advance. Being only able to welcome 60 people,the Taverne du Jean Bart would not be able to guarantee availability in the restaurant.

Conditions of cancellation:

  • Cancellation without charge up to 48hrs before date of visit.
  • For free visits there is no refund in the case of presentation outside of the site opening hours, except in the case of private events.
  • No refund or discount is available in the case of late arrival for free visits. Visitors should check site opening hours before the visit. If the visitor does not have time to finish the site visit, he can finish his visit the following day if he wishes.
  • Cancellation without charge up to 10 days before the meal for Group Meals at the Taverne du Jean Bart. After this date the 30% deposit will be forfeited.

Conditions of invoicing:

  • It’s possible to request an estimate first, the bill can be readjusted the day of the visit, depending on the actual numbers.
  • Settlement of your visit and meal can be made on site, the day of your visit, in cash, credit card, by bank transfer (for groups), or by money order (for groups)

General conditions

  • The Espace Tourville is an active naval shipyard.Pets and children are your responsibility, so we invite visitors to be vigilant. It is strictly forbidden to cross the taped off areas, to enter the carpentry workshop, to touch machines or tools without authorisation, and to climb on the wood stocks. Any fall or injury would not be cause to bring legal action against us.
  • We reserve the right to forbid access to the site to anyone behaving in a manner dangerous to themselves or to others.
  • Visitors are advised to wear clothing suitable for visiting the site. In winter and autumn the site can be muddy due to rain and site machinery. The traditional forge and smokehouse being regularly active and the wood being treated with linseed oil, we ask visitors to be careful with their clothes. We cannot be held responsible for possible damage to the clothes of our visitors.
  • For obvious reasons the site is entirely non-smoking. Smoking zones are available at the Taverne du Jean Bart. Any breach of this rule will mean exclusion from the site.
  • The “Jean Bart smoked products” from the traditional smokehouse, are prepared in conditions of hygiene in accordance with the HACCP standards, and the manufacturing health regulations relating to production and inspection , vacuum-packed and chilled. We will not be held responsible for poor storage of our products once they have left the shop. Fish is a fragile food and needs to be stored out of the sun, in a cool place.
  • The Taverne du Jean Bart cannot guarantee the availablity of the menus “Steak de Saumon” and “Welsh au Saumon”. The products being fresh, and prepared entirely by us, our stocks can vary considerably. We invite our guests to contact the Taverne du Jean Bart in advance to check availability of these menus.
  • The “Saurisserie Traditionelle du Jean Bart” (the smokehouse) is a small craft production, and not industrial. The Boutique du Jean Bart cannot guarantee the availability of smoked salmon in the shop. We invite our clients to contact Espace Tourville in advance to assure availability and to order the products. For end of year celebrations, orders must be placed before December 4
  • Stocks of firewood can vary considerably, due to shipyard activity and season. We can’t guarantee availabilty of steres of wood. We ask our clients to order their steres in advance to assure availabilty.
  • Firewood is from the offcuts of the ship parts, which are worked when ” green” (fresh from felling). That means that some steres of firewood will not be completely dry. We advise that you allow the wood to dry for 6 months before burning.