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Forward ship’s boys and girls ! Admiral Tourville is looking for his crew to sail on the Jean Bart once it’s finished. He has to find 500 valiant sailors ! You will certainly be among them.

To be convinced that you have the valour, the courage and the spirit of a corsair, he is certainly going to put you to the test.
Throw yourself into a great treasure hunt, find the clues and pass the tests to get your ‘lettre de marque’ and your official badge of a corsair of the Jean Bart.

A playful and educational activity where the children will discover life aboard these great sailing ships, the role of crew members and the trade of naval construction (ironworking, naval carpentry…)


Private coach parking, and town bus stop, 2 minutes on foot.

Picnic area (outside) available on reservation

Possibility to leave your belongings (bags, coolboxes etc.)

Links with the school programme

Up to 60 children simultaneously

Duration of 90 minutes (less than 60 children)

In the case of a group of children of more than 25, the group is divided into 2, to make a double activity lasting 2 hours


  • 6€ per child, for a group of less than 25
  • 8€ per child , for a group of more than 25
  • 1 accompanying adult free per section of 12 children
  • 6€ per additional accompanying adult.