Le Jean Bart

Intérieur de la boutique du Jean Bart


Le Jean Bart in all its states: souvenir and gourmet shop

In a step of economic development to support the Tourville project, in 2004 we formed the “SARL Tourville Développement”, and created a range of related products.
In the Boutique du Jean Bart, you’ll find a large range of products, from sweet and savoury delights, CD’s of traditional sea shanties, to our own great beer.

You’ll find:

  • “Les Cuisinés du Jean Bart”, a range of typical traditional dishes and terrines from the north of France.
  • La Brassée du Jean Bart, blonde or triple beer.
  • La Bolée du Jean Bart, dry cider from Cotentin.
  • Les Fumés du Jean Bart, products from the craft smokehouse of the Espace Tourville.
  • Different CD’s of maritime music, from raw maritime folk to traditional songs.
  • The Jean Bart bookshop with books for all ages.
  • Jean Bart T-shirts for grown-ups and youngsters.
  • Les Jouets du Jean Bart, for your children to learn to become real little corsairs.
  • Craft jewellery.

And a lot of other surprises that you’ll have the pleasure of finding here.


Is it possible to have shop products delivered ?

Unfortunately not. We don't have a delivery service and we couldn't guarantee the state of our products on arrival. Les Cuisinés du Jean Bart are in glass jars, and it's complicated to send them by post. Smoked salmon is a delicate product, and we don't want to risk sending them.

Is it possible to order goods from the shop ?

Yes, you can order in advance to assure availabilty. We do advise it for the Fumés du Jean Bart and for our "best seller", like the potjevleesch.

When can we buy from the Boutique du Jean Bart ?

Our shop is open the same hours as Espace Tourville