Le Jean Bart

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A majestic project

Navigate to the heart of a huge experimental archeological project whose aim is to recreate this majestic sailing ship, named the Jean Bart, in honour of the great Dunkirk corsair.

Discover all the traditional knowledge which surrounds the historic naval construction trades. From the forge to the models workshop, passing the traditional smokehouse and the carpentry workshop, you will plunge into the universe of a naval shipyard of another age.

Element decoratif

A mastodon of seas

On board you will marvel at the size of this monster of the sea, which can accomodate up to 700 crew .

From the forest to the finished part, discover the life of a tree, the optimisation and the value of wood in naval construction, in carpentry, in the energy of wood, and in smoking food to feed the sailors on board these 3-mast vessels. Learn how the carpenters handle, draw, cut out and assemble these huge pieces of oak of several hundred kilos, to give birth to the skeleton of the Jean Bart.

A unique experience in France, at the foot of the ramparts of Graveline’s fortifications, constructed by Vauban at the time when the ‘cathedrals of the sea’ kept watch over the North Sea.


Visite virtuelle du Jean-Bart

Promenez vous à bord du Jean Bart et découvrez le village qui l’entoure.
Une expérience unique et encore plus impressionnante si vous disposez de lunettes de réalité virtuelle.



Is it possible to bring a dog ?

It’s ok to visit the Espace Tourville with your dog provided it is kept on a lead. Rabbits, rats and other rodents are not allowed, even on a lead.

Is the site accessible to those with reduced mobility ?

Yes, the museum areas are accessible to those with reduced mobility. On the other hand, access to the interior of the vessel and template tracing area is not accessible to wheelchairs. In order to make the most of the visit, it is recommended that visitors with reduced mobility, be accompanied by a helper. Let's not forget, we are a working shipyard.

Is the site suitable for children ?

Obviously, we have attractions specially dedicated to children to make your visit a real moment of pleasure for the family. There’s something for all ages !