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Espace Tourville at Gravelines, construction site of the Jean Bart

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The Jean Bart

Situated in the port of Gravelines, halfway between Dunkirk and Calais, on the Opal coast, at the foot of Vauban’s fortifications, the craft village of Espace Tourville invites you to discover the construction site of the Jean Bart.

A lot more than a ship, this maritime cathedral, emblematic of Louis XIV’s great navy, armed with 84 cannons, is being constructed thanks to the knowledge of the marine carpenters and blacksmiths, who are working in front of you, on the creation of this historic heritage, unique in France.

An unusual and enriching activity that you can discover alone, with friends, or with your family.


Locate the Espace Tourville

Route de Calais, 59820 Gravelines


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What is the Espace Tourville?

Espace Tourville is a designation non-administative, which allows qualification of the whole of the Jean Bart construction site (non-profit making organisation , law of 1901) which is responsible for the construction project of the vessel, and it’s associate company the SARL Tourville Developpement, charged with commercial activity.

What is the Jean Bart ? What is there really to discover ?

The construction project of the Jean Bart is an experimental archeological project whose aim is the identical reconstruction of a 1st rank flagship (84 cannons) of the 17th century (1670 -1680). In reality you will discover a vessel in the process of construction (around 20% of the carpentry already done) as well as the working craft village which surrounds the construction ( tavern, traditional forge, sculptors workshop and models, smokehouse, museum, carpentry workshop…) You will need about an hour for the unaccompanied visit and 2 hours for the guided visit