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In pursuit of durable development, all the offcuts from from centuries-old oak used for the parts of the Jean Bart, are recovered.
This recovery takes different forms : wood for carpentry and joinery, wood as energy (firewood) to the ultimate – sawdust and shavings used to smoke meat and fish, but also for animal bedding and dry toilets.
You can easily participate by coming to collect it at Espace Tourville.

Bois de chauffage


The firewood is packaged in steres (1 cubic metre), in different forms, priced as below:

  • Stere in logs (30 – 40 – 50cm) : 70€.
  • Stere in planks (30 – 40 – 50cm) 60 €.
  • Stere loose small : 45€.
  • Bulk loose large: 55€.
  • Stere of strips: 30€.
  • Stere in 1M (to cut up yourself) : 60€.

Firewood is collection only. No delivery.
We recommend you order steres in advance, as stocks vary according to the activity on site.

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Carpentry and joinery

Our Marine Carpenters are delighted to put their know-how at your disposal to accompany you in the implementation of your carpentry or joinery projects.
The wood is exclusively made of oak from the Haut de France region and is of Carpentry quality (C) to Merrain quality (A).

We have in stock woods of non-standard dimensions which are not sold in the traditional trade, and sawn to order. Do you need solid oak boards, large section beams? Don’t hesitate to come and discover our wood yard.

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    Is it possible to get firewood delivered ?

    Unfortunately not. We don't have a delivery service, but you can make several trips to collect your wood. Once your stere has been reserved and paid for, it's yours until it's emptied.

    Is it necessary to reserve a stere of firewood?

    It's not necessary, but it's advisable.Our stocks go faster or slower depending on the season.

    Is it possible to come to the Espace Tourville for traditional or naval carpentry ?

    That's possible in certain cases but depends on the nature of the work to be done. Our main activity being the construction of the Jean Bart and the infrastructure of the shipyard, we have only a small amount of time for other activities. On the other hand,our carpenters will be happy to lend you their expertise in the creation of small carpentry/joinery projects. Best thing is to come down and show us your project.

    The Espace Tourville cannot guarantee the dryness of the wood. For woods to be used for carpentry, it's best to first dry the wood in a dry area at ambient temperature, so that it doesn't warp after shaping.